X-Men Writer Says Goodbye to the Franchise

One of the most significant voices in Marvel's X-Men franchise for the past several years is saying goodbye to the characters.

Cullen Bunn has been involved in the X-Men line since 2014. Now, he's announced that he's officially put that work behind him.

"Well, after Magneto, Uncanny X-Men, Civil War II: X-Men, X-Men Blue and a bunch of single issues and such, I'm archiving my X-Men files," Bunn tweeted. "Thanks to the X-fans for the support! It's meant a lot! I'm gonna miss these mutants!"

Bunn's time working on the X-Men will come to an end later this month in X-Men Blue #36, the final issue of the series.

Bunn is also leaving behind a more specific character, Deadpool. Bunn has written several fan-favorite Deadpool miniseries, but it seems Deadpool: Assassin will be his last.

"So long, Deadpool! Thanks for all the fun over the years! I'll miss ya, pal!" Bunn tweeted.

Bunn isn't leaving the Marvel Universe behind entirely. He's currently writing the soon-to-debut Asgardians of the Galaxy series. The book is spinning out of the events of Infinity Wars and seems to be a spiritual successor to Bunn's previous series Fearless Defenders.

Bunn also has several creator-owned series, including recent release Bone Parish and Cold Spots.

Bunn's time writing the X-Men began with 2014's Magneto ongoing series. The story he began there about the mutant "Master of Magnetism" became the thread that tied together all Bunn's X-Men work.

After Magneto ended with Secret Wars, Bunn went on to write Uncanny X-Men, which found Magneto leading his own, darker version of the X-Men. Bunn also wrote Civil War II: X-Men, a Marvel event tie-in that saw Magneto taking the fight to the Inhumans. After the ResurrXion relaunch, Bunn began writing X-Men Blue. The series saw Magneto become the mentor to the young, time-displaced original five X-Men. It was later revealed that the real reason Magneto had taken in the young X-Men was so that they could help keep him from reverting to his villainous ways.

The climax of Bunn's Magneto saga seemed to come in last week's X-Men Blue #34, which revealed Magneto's new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Bunn will wrap up his original X-Men story in the remaining two issue of X-Men Blue.

What do you think of Cullen Bunn's X-Men work? Are you sad to see him go? Let us know in the comments!

X-Men Blue #35 and X-Men Blue #36 both go on sale in September.


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