X-Men/Inhumans ResurrXion Announced By Marvel

There's something new coming for the X-Men and Inhumans after the pair of superpowered species go to war this fall. Marvel Comics didn't (and won't for awhile) say much about the nature of X-Men/Inhumans: ResurrXion just yet, but they revealed this banner and the name at the Diamond Retailer Summit held yesterday in Baltimore. All Marvel said about it at the event, was that "ResurrXion" follows "Death of X" and "Inhumans vs. X-Men."

So, does that mean "ResurrXion" is also an event comic? Not necessarily. While there are plenty of X-Men characters currently in need of a return from the dead, like Wolverine, Professor Xavier, adult Cyclops, and the adult Jean Grey, it could also be referring to the comic book line itself. After "Death of X" reveals how the Inhumans' terrigen mist cloud started killing mutants and led to the death of Cyclops, and "Inhumans vs. X-Men" pits the two races against each other, it does seem like a good time for a fresh start.

In the past, the X-Men line, as well as Marvel Comics as a whole, has received many rebrandings and refreshes. Things like "Counter X," "Revolution," and "ReGenesis" helped fans know that these are all stories starting from a similar place, giving them a ground-level to start from for new readers. They also tend to theme the stories across different books together, without necessarily being a true crossover - something else X-fans know plenty about. In the nineties, you could barely read an X-Men book for 4 issues without running into a "story continued in the pages of..." leading you to another book in the line. At Marvel Comics as a whole, we've seen the "Heroic Age," the "Marvel NOW!" initiatives, the "All-New, All-Different" all cross into the X-Men lineup as well.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

With the Inhumans being included in this "ResurrXion," that also points to it being more line-wide than just a specific character returning. What could be interesting here is a true merger of the lines. We've seen that happen a bit already, with characters like Beast going over to work with and alongside the Inhumans, and even an Inhumans title rebranded as "Uncanny," a term typically reserved for Marvel's mutants. A further merger between the two, showing them co-eXisting and working toward a common goal would be an interesting turn after a couple of years of conflict that leads to a literal race war.

We should learn more about "ResurrXion" soon, perhaps as early as New York Comic Con, right around the corner in October, though Marvel may wait until after the other two Inhumans and X-Men stories are complete to go forward.