X-Men: 'Legion' Professor X Actor Not Worried About Going Bald

The X-Men spinoff series Legion has steadily been building toward an epic confrontation between [...]

The X-Men spinoff series Legion has steadily been building toward an epic confrontation between David Haller and the Shadow King, but it's been hinting at an older struggle with David's father, Professor Charles Xavier.

The leader of the X-Men has yet to show up in the series, but that will change when Season 3 premieres on FX as Counterpart and Game of Thrones actor Harry Lloyd has just been announced to be playing Professor X. But with that casting comes the expectation of a major haircut...

Lloyd spoke with Entertainment Weekly about joining the X-Men universe, revealing his thoughts on the role and whether or not he'll have to get a haircut.

"That was one of the first things I asked when Noah [Hawley] and I were Skyping before Christmas," said Lloyd. "And, thankfully, there's no shaving required... As of yet. I haven't seen all the scripts."

Lloyd is excited to take on the iconic role in the X-Men franchise, but he's not going to be doing an impression of Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy.

"Over Christmas, I watched all of the X-Men films with McAvoy and Stewart, and then I watched the two seasons of Legion," Lloyd said. "It's good to be aware of [the films] but also it's a completely different universe. And actually, I have a lot of freedom and I think I'm encouraged to do my own thing. I went back to the comics and I learned all about the original story and saw what [the producers] were using and what they were gonna throw away. Legion is incredibly irreverent and beautifully surreal. I felt my main job was to have some fun with it and tell this crazy story."

Fans were taken aback when series creator Hawley revealed the third season will be the last of Legion, but Lloyd is excited to find out how the narrative wraps up.

"It's great that it's the end and they know that it's the end, so all these questions that they set up to explore have gotten even crazier," the actor said. "I would say season 3, from what I've seen, does seem to be working towards tying up and answering the questions and revealing some things that haven't been seen. I think it'll be very satisfying."

The third and final season of Legion premieres on FX this June.