'Spawn' Could Be Getting A New Animated Series

There’s plenty going on for Spawn fans, and it does not look like the announcements are done yet. Earlier this year, reports confirmed a live-action reboot of Spawn was coming to theaters courtesy of Todd McFarlane. And, now, the creator is hinting an animated series could be next.

Recently, McFarlane took to the stage at New York Comic Con to talk about his lengthy career. Screen Geek had a chance to speak with the director, and he dropped a hint about the franchise's animated future.

“I’m going to get the movie out and then we still have the rights for TV and animation,” McFarlane said. “We’ll just figure it out.”

Of course, Spawn is no stranger to the world of animation. Back in 1997, the series had an animated run on HBO until 1999. Keith David was the man who voiced the character, and Spawn even won an Emmy Award in 1999 as an Outstanding Animation Program. A sequel been in the works for some time, but Spawn: The Animation has been stuck in development for awhile.

Right now, McFarlane is plenty busy working on Spawn’s live-action film. The movie has been talked about for years, but progress is being made on the highly anticipated movie. During NYCC, McFarlane spoke with ComicBook exclusively to talk about the film, and the director revealed details about its script.

"We just finished the script, we're going to be budgeting it, and then we'll go put the money together, and at that point then go to Hollywood, make our distribution deal," McFarlane explained.

"By getting Jason [Blum], it's no longer theoretical," McFarlane said, nodding to the film’s previous state of limbo.

"I've been talking about it for years and years and years, to the point that I think people were tuning me out. I'd go, 'No, no, no, the boulder is now starting to move.'"

According to previous reports, Spawn is expected to be a dark, horror-inspired comic book film with a hard R-rating. If you’re excited for the film, then can keep up with new updates about the project here at ComicBook!

The new Spawn movie is still without a release date. Give the film your personal Anticipation Ranking below!


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