'Clueless' Cast to Reunite at C2E2

Clueless Movie Cast Reunion

Following the recent milestone cast reunions of iconic '90s properties like Friends, The Sopranos, Dawson's Creek, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we will soon see the cast of the 1995 teenage coming-of-age film Clueless reunite!

The Chicago Tribune made the announcement of the Clueless cast reunion, which will be held at this year's C2E2 convention, which takes place from March 22nd - 24th. The announced cast members for the panel include Clueless stars Alicia Silverstone (Cher) and Paul Rudd (Josh), along with co-stars Breckin Meyer (Travis) and Donald Faison (Murray).

Clueless fans will probably notice that two major cast members aren't listed: obviously, the late Brittany Murphy (who played new girl "Tai") can't be a part of this milestone, having passed away in 2009. However, the other big absence is Stacey Dash (Dionne), who may not be included in the mix due to her current status as a highly controversial political advocate for the conservative right. Given Dash's outspoken (if not aggressive) political beliefs and agenda (she's openly flirted with the idea of running for public office), and some of the equally strong (if not opposing) political views held by Silverstone in particular, keeping Dash out of the event may be a good idea. We can only imagine poor Paul Rudd stuck in the middle, trying to quell things with his nice guy charms...

C2E2 organizer ReedPop issued this statement from vice president Michael Armstrong:

“We’re thrilled to have Paul Rudd attending for his first comic convention ever — where he’s doing photos and autographs, so that’s a huge win for C2E2 and for the city... The talent around [Clueless] and the time from the release, just put it in a sweet spot right now for a property that was due for a reunion and I think the timing and available talent just really seemed to work out well for C2E2 this year,” he said.

Donald Faison, on the other hand, downplayd the event as a milestone, stating:

"This isn’t the first time we have all gotten together. We all live in California and work in the same industry so we run into each other all the time. I wish we were traveling together all summer, but this is just for the people that show up to C2E2."


Clueless remains a cult-hit to this day for the way it captures and encapsulates the '90s-era of upper-class America. Director Amy Heckerling covered timely cultural topics like consumerism, skate culture, LGBT identity, as well as class, race, and the high school hierarchy while still maintaining a light comedic tone - and evenn set a few fashion trends along the way. The film also has one of the most highly-questionable romantic twists this side of The Crying Game, as Silverston's Cher ends up with her former step-brother Josh (Rudd). If nothing else, that oddball finale only increases the film's cult status, as it is truly one-of-a-kind.

You can catch the Clueless cast reunion at C2E2's Main Stage, on March 23rd.