Acclaimed Mark Ruffalo Movie Coming to Netflix

Thanks to his work as Bruce Banner / The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mark Ruffalo definitely has a number of dedicated fans. If you're among them — and would like to catch up on some of the lesser-known titles in his filmography — Netflix is about to have you covered. Begin Again, a 2013 sleeper hit starring Ruffalo, will be available on the platform beginning Wednesday, October 27th. This will give viewers an opportunity to visit (or revisit) the film, which also star Kiera Knightley and Adam Levine, and is directed by Once's John Carney. 

In Begin Again, a chance encounter between a down-and-out music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter, new to Manhattan, turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents. The film also stars fellow MCU star Hailee Steinfeld, as well as James Corden and Catherine Keener.

"For this one, I just daydreamed a lot," Ruffalo told The Wall Street Journal of his preparation for the film. "I think being in the acting business and bartending all these years, I have come into contact with a lot of people like Dan, and then John really had a specific thing he wanted to do with it."

"I did some searches on how the industry has changed in the past 10 years," Ruffalo continued. "Something that I am very interested in personally is how digital media is sort of changing the nature of entertainment altogether, starting with the music industry. I feel strongly that the film industry is going to go the same way at some point, we're just 10 years behind. There are a lot of people who at one point had a job, who don't really anymore. And so I think these people are left to re-create themselves. They're really gifted people, but the new media sort of made them a little bit disposable. But the really gifted people, I think, just found different ways to fit into these changes."

In terms of the MCU, Ruffalo is expected to next be seen in She-Hulk, a Disney+ series that will bring Banner's cousin, Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany), into live-action.