Adam Sandler "Greenlights" Happy Gilmore 2

Last week, Adam Sandler had some fun celebrating the 25th anniversary of his comedy classic, Happy [...]

Last week, Adam Sandler had some fun celebrating the 25th anniversary of his comedy classic, Happy Gilmore. The actor recreated his characters' famous golf swing and feuded with some of the movie's villains. All of the love for the movie has gotten people talking about a sequel. In fact, Sandler and Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin) recently had a chat with the Golf Channel and when asked about a sequel, Sander said he would be into the idea and jokingly agreed to greenlight it.

"It has not been discussed," Sandler said of a sequel. "But it certainly has been discussed on the Internet, and believe me, that Senior Tour idea… it would be so amazing." The host asked Sandler and McDonald if they're both in and if he could announce that the project had been greenlit. McDonald gave a thumbs up Sandler replied, "Yes, yes you can greenlight this." The announcement is jokingly made before McDonald adds, "Yes, I am in. I would love to do it. Everyone's been screaming for it like Adam said on the Internet and, you know, I just gotta say it would be a complete blast, the Senior Tour with us two, oh my god." You can watch the clip in the tweet below:

While there are no current plans to make a Happy Gilmore sequel, Sandler did recently reunite with his love interest from the movie, Julie Bowen, for Hubie Halloween. The movie also featured Ben Stiller in a cameo as his Happy Gilmore character, Hal. In a recent interview with Cinema Blend, Sandler talked about knowing if he's made a bad movie and he does not consider Hubie Halloween to be one of those.

"I just got it. You get a feeling. When I have a hit coming, I walk differently. The bones feel better, I hear better, I react better to like 'Hey, Sandman' on the street. I'll go, 'Hey, what's up.' When I got something coming out that's not going to do well, the bones feel dead, there's no hop, I'm flat-footed, I hear, 'Hey, Sandman,' and I do this [mimics a don't talk to me motion] 'No, no.' You know? [Hubie Halloween]'s a hit."

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Happy Gilmore is currently streaming on HBO Max.