Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: New Look at Kang Released

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Jonathan Majors is looking quite a bit different as Kang the Conqueror in the newest image released from the movie. Total Film showed off the Phase 5 villain in their latest issue. The picture shows a sullen Kang contemplating in what fans believe to be the MCU's interpretation of his famous Time Chair. As the trailers have made it quite clear, the villainous variant needs Ant-Man to steal something for him. And if he gets his hands on whatever that is, it could be catastrophic for the entire multiverse. Majors also spoke about Kang's intellect, and that becomes key to Quantumania's story. Read it for yourself down below and check out the image!

"I mean, he's hyper-intelligent – it's one of the superpowers," the star said. "His brain function is just greater than even the smart guys. He's on that level. And the gravitas is a necessity. It's Kang against the world, isn't it? At least that's his point of view. There's no frivolity. Kang himself is very economical. He understands energy, he understands time, he understands what is needed to survive.

(Photo: Total Film/Marvel Entertainment)

Majors added, "He doesn't suffer fools. Which is interesting because not to say anything pejorative about Ant-Man, but Ant-Man is a jokester. He's a funny guy. And now you've got Scott Lang going up against Kang the Conqueror, who does not joke. He does have a sense of humor. And you'll discover that. But he does not joke."

Quantumania Builds Kang Up to Kickstart Phase 5

This isn't the first time that the new MCU bad boy has played up his character's intelligence. During a sit-down with Deadline, Majors explained that he prepared for the role by focusing on the intellectual side of the MCU's heroes. One big figure loomed in his description that fans might be interested in. Check out more from the Conqueror actor himself right here.

"Uh, the inspirations for Kang? He's a conqueror. You should look at Alexander the Great. Look at Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar starts there," Majors explained. "He's a part of an already established universe. Those are inspirations and then counterpoints, which is also important in creating a character is to figure out how they counter people. 'You're smart, but watch how smart I am'. So you can look at Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man and say okay, if that's the superhero of superhero, etcetera, and I'm to be the supervillain of supervillains. How do I counteract that in the zeitgeist. I can write a book about it at this point, but I'll close there."

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