Aquaman 2 Replacing Costume Designer

It's been a bit since we've heard anything on the Aquaman 2 front, but we did recently learn that the sequel will be getting a new costume designer. The original film featured Kym Barrett, but Barrett is not expected to return for Aquaman 2 (via Discussing Film). Instead, Louise Frogley is expected to take on costume design duties, and fans should not be worried in the least, since Frogley is well versed in superhero films. Frogley has worked on projects like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Iron Man 3, and Constantine, and she's also worked on projects like Quantum of Solace, The Finest Hours, and El Camino, so the film seems to be in good hands.

No word on why Barrett is not coming back for the sequel, but we'll keep you posted if we learn more. The good news is that others are returning, including director James Wan, and stars Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson, who are all signed on for the project.

As for the sequel itself, we don't know much about what the story will tackle, though we have had a few hints. One of the earlier ones came from Black Manta star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who said his character will be back and even teased a release date, though this was also before the coronavirus delayed so many projects.

"We have a date of December 2022. Hopefully, that will hold," Abdul-Mateen told EW. "Black Manta will be back — I feel confident in saying that. I'm excited to step into that world again and cause some more trouble. I really want to add more personality and more character to David Kane and flesh him out in Aquaman 2 and give him more of a journey."

The next hint came from Aquaman 2 writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who replied to a fan's question and seconded the Black Manta talk while also indicating the overall vibe they are going for.


"Hmm...good question," Johnson-McGoldrick replied on Twitter. "We're not taking any one particular comic book story and adapting it, but if you want to know the vibe we're going for, pick up pretty much any Silver Age story featuring Black Manta."

We'll have to wait and see what happens, but we cannot wait to see Aquaman and Black Manta clash once more when the film does finally hit theaters.