Aquaman 2018: What Do We Know?

Among today's announcements from Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara was the official revelation that Jason Momoa will play Aquaman, coupled with the news that the character will have his own feature film in 2018.


Aloha to all my fans friends and family If u don't know Know u know. This kanaka maoli Is aquaman. Cheeehoooiooo

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Along with The FlashAquaman will play out in between director Zack Snyder's planned Justice League Part One and Part Two, and will thus presumably pick up threads from DC's first superhero mega-team-up and lead into the story's conclusion.

Obviously all we'd really heard up until today was that the film was "in development," and the rumor about Momoa's involvement. So...what might play into the film?

The Aquaman Shrine has an idea:


The film will likely be in theaters on July 27, 2018. It's expected to draw on the New 52 reimagining of the character, with a deep mythology around Atlantis that includes characters like those above as well as The Others and it wouldn't be surprising to see a sequel deal with elements of the Throne of Atlantis arc coming to home video soon.