Norman Reedus Addresses Possibility of Boondock Saints 3

All these years later, there's still a massive cult following the Boondock Saints franchise. At [...]

All these years later, there's still a massive cult following the Boondock Saints franchise. At one point, there had been talks of a third film in the franchise on the way, though that's cooled off over the past few years. Franchise star Norman Reedus took to ACE Comic Con to talk about the potential of a third film and if you're hoping for good news, you might not want to hold your breath.

"I don't know, to be honest," The Walking Dead star revealed. "There's talk of it every year, but I don't know where we're at with that right now."

While the first Boondock Saints film debuted in 1999, a sequel — The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day — was released a decade later. In 2015, franchise creator Troy Duffy revealed plans for a prequel TV series, though fans experience radio silence for years. Then, 2017 came along and Canadian producer Don Carmody announced he was hoping to crowdfund a series through his studio.

"The Boondock Saints has become an irreverent cult brand that has resonated with loyal fans across the globe for almost 20 years", said Carmody said in a statement nearly three years ago. "We're beyond excited to reward our fans with an unprecedented opportunity to go behind the curtain throughout the entire creative development and production processes via a myriad of exclusive material, outreach and sneak peeks".

"A television series is the perfect medium for story telling inside the world of our beloved blue collar super heroes. The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston", Duffy added. "In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn't be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy".

At the time, Carmody was hoping to crowdfund the origin story and cut out the middle man — presumably passing networks and streamers — to bring the series straight to the fans. No further movement on The Boondock Saints: Origins, as the TV show was called, has happened since the initial announcement.

After flying under the radar, grossing just $30-some thousand in a limited theatrical release, The Boondock Saints went on to become a cult classic, selling upwards of $50m worth of home media in the years following release.

The Boondock Saints and The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day are available wherever movies are sold.

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