Charlize Theron Confirms 'Atomic Blonde' Sequel is in the Works

It sounds like a second installment of Atomic Blonde could end up being in the cards.

Charlize Theron, who starred in last year's action-packed spy thriller, recently addressed the possibility of a sequel during a panel discussion with IndieWire. While Theron didn't express when or how a second Atomic Blonde would come about, she simply said "We're working on a sequel."

Atomic Blonde surprised audiences when it made its debut last summer, providing a high-octane, ass-kicking thrill ride. Those involved with the film - including Antony Johnston and Sam Hart, who created the original The Coldest City graphic novel - a second installment seemed in the cards in some way.

"Everybody involved wants to do it again, from a creative point of view." Johnston told last year. "All of the creators - [director] Dave [Leitch] , Kurt, Charlize - everybody wants to make another movie. It's just a question of getting financing, getting the studio behind it, finding somebody that will sort of back it, so that we can make more. But I know that the will is certainly there on the part of the creators. And the world can stand to be developed, and the world that was built within the movie can absolutely support a number of further stories."

While it's unclear exactly when an Atomic Blonde sequel would make it to the big screen, especially with Leitch just being attached to another project earlier today, this news is surely going to excite fans. And in a way, there's certainly a place for a sequel to be made, especially following the successful one-two punch of female-led action that Atomic Blonde and Wonder Woman made last summer.

"I think it's great." Johnston said of the discussions around both films. "I don't think there's any question that we benefited a little from the success of Wonder Woman. But I think Wonder Woman was a great film, so I'm very happy to be associated with it in that way, in sort of both movies coming out in the same summer."

"Even though both characters are obviously very different, and I think one of the good things about that is that we're slowly getting to a place where not every female lead character onscreen has to be a saint, or has be driven by some terribly emotionally tragic backstory." Johnston continued. "We can have a character like Lorraine who's just doing her job. She's not traumatized, she's not avenging her dead daughter or anything like that. She's just doing her job, and she's doing it as well or better than the guys, whilst not being an especially nice person about it. And that's okay. And I really like that we are slowly getting to a place where we can do that with impunity. And we don't have to hold up every female character as some kind of idealized role model onscreen."


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