'Austin Powers' Gets Some Groovy Funko Pop Figures


It seems odd that it took this long for Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, to get Funko Pop figures - but better late than never. Indeed, the first wave of Austin Powers Pop figures has arrived, and you can pre-order them via the links below with shipping slated for November.

Austin Powers Pop Figure #643
Austin Powers Dr. Evil Pop Figure With Mr. Bigglesworth #644
Austin Powers Vanessa Kensington Pop Figure #645

As far as exclusives are concerned, look for an Austin Powers figure in a red suit to arrive at GameStop sometime in October. If you're wondering where Mini-Me and other notable characters from the Austin Powers series are, keep in mind that Funko likes to separate popular characters from a license into different waves / exclusive releases. We hope that's the case here.


We highly suggest displaying your Austin Powers Funko Pops next to the James Bond wave that debuted last year. You know - just to see what happens. It features Sean Connery and Roger Moore versions of the character along with the Golden Girl, Blofeld, Oddjob and Jaws. Funko also incorporated Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5 into their Rides lineup.

Naturally, the Aston features the iconic BMT 216A plate with Sean Connery's Bond behind the wheel. It's currently sold out, but you can still backorder one right here. Hopefully, we'll see a Roger Moore Lotus Esprit version at some point (with a submarine version variant of course).

Finally, a big buy 3 and get 1 free Funko Pop sale is happening right now over at Entertainment Earth, and it's changing daily as coveted Pop figures sell out and new ones are added. For that reason, Funko fanatics should check in on this link frequently to see what's new until the sale ends on September 25th.

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