Avengers: Endgame Writers Explain Why Captain Marvel Got a Small Role

Before Brie Larson starred in Captain Marvel, the Oscar-winning actor filmed her scenes for Avengers: Endgame. Even though Captain Marvel went on to gross over a billion dollars at the box office, the team behind Endgame purposefully kept the character's role in the blockbuster on purpose. According to Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, it was all about putting the focus on the original members of the Avengers before shedding a hefty light on other new characters.

"No. The goal for Endgame was always to highlight the original Avengers as we said goodbye," McFeely said through ComicBook.com's Twitter account as a part of the #QuarantineWatchParty Monday night. "Newer characters generally took smaller roles as a result."

Markus added a similar sentiment, saying it they chose not to include her in Infinity War because there wasn't an organic way to introduce her in the plot. "No. Primarily because people appear in that movie when Thanos' plot gets to them, and it never got to her, so she would have seemed like a wedge."

Though Carol Danvers (Larson) shows up very early on Endgame, she's used sparingly throughout. That beats an alternative introduction that was put on display in the movie's art book, where she wasn't introduced until the final battle.

"We knew from Andy [Park]'s keyframe that there would be a moment where all the female Avengers would work together, so I was trying to think of a sequence of how that could work," Marvel visual development artist Jackson Sze says in the book. "So Captain Marvel, being intergalactically powerful, would help take care of Thanos' ship, which at this point is just shooting blasts down onto the battlefield and making things really difficult for everyone, and she gets shot down on the ground."


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