Batman Vs. Superman: Jesse Eisenberg Doesn’t Start Filming For Another Month, Avoids Googling His Name

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While Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder were spotted at a Batman Vs. Superman cast party last weekend and Gal Gadot was spotted filming a scene as Diana Prince on Friday, it appears as if Jesse Eisenberg won't report for duty as Lex Luthor for another month. In an interview with The Schmoes Know Movie Show yesterday, Eisenberg said, "The script is really great, and it doesn't…I don't start for like a month, because I'm working on something else now. Yeah, but I guess I can't say any details, because they want it to all be a surprise." In regards to if he stayed off social networking and away from the news after being cast as Lex Luthor to avoid the fan hype, Eisenberg said, "Yeah, I don't read anything…I don't read any movie news anyway online. But anything I've ever read about myself has been terrible, and it's only been read by accident. I make a great effort to not read anything, which is to say I just don't Google my name. It's not that much of an effort. So I don't really know or really care. My job is so narrowly focused on like playing a role in the thing and there's all this stuff that surrounds it, but that has so little to do with anything I can control. I think it would just be kind of damaging to read anything." Eisenberg added, "It's nice to read something nice about yourself, but if you believe the truth about what somebody wrote in a blog about you that's nice, then you have to believe what somebody wrote about you in a blog that's not nice. And then suddenly you get to like a…I don't know, it's just a very kind of an uncomfortable thing. We've never lived in like…throughout all of human civilization, we've never had any kind of like such mass responses to things. You know, I am somebody who lives in this place, and there are people from all over writing about me, there's videos that people…I mean, it's kind of like a very new and disconcerting experience."