Ben Affleck Batman Fallout: Matt Damon Facing Robin Questions

Last night, Warner Bros. dropped a bombshell on the Internet by announcing that Ben Affleck had [...]

Matt Damon as Robin

Last night, Warner Bros. dropped a bombshell on the Internet by announcing that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman. Even though Ben Affleck has been hitting homeruns with his most recent career choices, there are those who will never forget Gigli and Daredevil. Despite the abuse that Ben Affleck is taking on Twitter, both Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck probably knew going in that it was bound to create an uproar. We don't feel sorry for Ben Affleck, because he's probably got several million reasons to be happy this morning. And if he winds up eventually winning over the doubters when his Batman hits the big screen, then his success will be just that much sweeter for him. Yes, Ben Affleck had to know what he was getting into, but there is another victim in the Ben Affleck as Batman fallout, who we do feel a little sorry for. We have this vision of Matt Damon's publicist waking up this morning with a full voice mail of calls from media outlets wanting to ask him one question. Yes, even though Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have done relatively few movies together, they will forever be linked through their friendship and early success in Good Will Hunting. Last night, right after the Ben Affleck announcement, Matt Damon started trending on Twitter. From what we saw while doing a quick search, every second someone was asking "Does this mean Matt Damon is Robin?" While there is virtually zero chance that Matt Damon is actually going to be Robin, it won't stop TMZ photographers from shouting that question at him for the next several years. Every time Matt Damon goes on a press tour to promote his latest movie, some interviewer is going to ask if there is any chance he's going to be playing Robin. Fans are even already photo shopping Matt Damon's head onto Robin's body. Yes, Matt Damon owes his pal Ben Affleck a big thank you (or maybe a punch in the face) for forever linking him to a role that he is almost certainly never going to actually play. Matt Damon is the true victim of Ben Affleck's Batman casting.