Black Adam Producer Teases Dwayne Johnson's Superhero Costume

Producer Dany Garcia teases Dwayne Johnson's as-yet-unrevealed costume in Black Adam and how the [...]

Producer Dany Garcia teases Dwayne Johnson's as-yet-unrevealed costume in Black Adam and how the star's almost superhuman physique fills out the black and yellow super-suit — no padding required. Johnson gave his more than 240 million Instagram followers a peek at his costume before stepping out as the black-clad anti-hero in a shadowy set photo, again teasing the comic book-accurate costume of black and yellow that includes a glowing lightning bolt emblazoned across the chest. An official first look at Johnson's Black Adam has so far appeared only in concept art released during last year's virtual DC FanDome event, but Garcia teases Johnson's full costume is something to behold:

"My husband is DJ's strength and conditioning coach, and they were able to get his physique to the right place with so much time before shooting that [set photo]. There wasn't a lot of 'Where are we padding or where are we adding?' and things like that," Garcia told Variety. "I've seen him in the full costume and let me tell you — it's a thing!"

The wrestler-turned-actor and blockbuster star has taken to Instagram with updates showing off his superhero physique. It was on Instagram where Johnson revealed the first look at concept art depicting his "Man in Black" in 2019.

"Like most kids growing up, I dreamed about being a superhero. Having cool superpowers, fighting for what's right and always protecting the people," Johnson wrote at the time. "It all changed for me when I was 10yrs old and was first introduced to the greatest superhero of all time - SUPERMAN. As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. But, a few years into my fantasy, I realized that Superman was the hero, I could never be. I was too rebellious. Too rambunctious. Too resistant to convention and authority. Despite my troubles, I was still a good kid with a good heart - I just liked to do things my way. Now, years later as a man, with the same DNA I had as a kid - my superhero dreams have come true. I'm honored to join the iconic #DCUniverse and it's a true pleasure to become BLACK ADAM."

Starring Dwayne Johnson as Teth-Adam, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, Warner Bros. and DC Films' Black Adam opens in theaters on July 29, 2022.