Michael Jai White Teases 'Black Dynamite 2' for 2018

'Black Is Black'#thisisjaigantic #blackisback pic.twitter.com/MwW6qly3ze— Michael Jai White [...]

Get ready, turkeys, because Black Dynamite is back and ready to attack.

Star, writer, and producer Michael Jai White recently took to social media to drop a brand new tease for a future project, which ominously contained the phrase "Black is Back." Check it out in the video above.

Of course, that clip can only mean one thing: Black Dynamite 2 is on the way later this year.

White will likely be reprising his role in Round 2 of the parody that's become a cult classic. The film premiered at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in 2009 and was heralded for hilariously skewering old school blaxploitation movies.

The character, a Vietnam veteran who returned home, joined the CIA, then quit to help clean up the streets of his home town alongside his crew after this younger brother was killed. He then uncovers a conspiracy to sell malt liquor in black neighborhoods, with the alcohol containing a secret chemical that shrinks the drinker's- *ahem* uh, "packages." The conspiracy takes him all the way to the White House, where Black Dynamite engages in a nunchuck battle against President "Tricky" Dick Nixon himself.

If that sounds ridiculous, it's because it totally is — and that's nothing compared to the Adult Swim show.

Black Dynamite was later adapted as an animated series with many of the actors from the film providing voices for their characters, including White. The animation was handled by the same production house behind The Boondocks, and ran for two seasons on Cartoon Network's late night block.

White and director Scott Sanders have previously teased plans for a Black Dynamitesequel, but they've never come through. Sanders even said they hoped to begin shooting the film in 2012, but that was before the animated series got picked up and likely delayed the production.

So White's surprise tease of a Black Dynamite sequel should be surprising to all fans. Whether the film is merely in the planning phase, already in production, or near completion is a mystery, as the actor would only clarify for fans to "stay tuned" to future announcements. But with that 2018 date promised, hopefully we don't have to wait too long.