Prepare for ’Blade Runner 2049’ With This Deal on the Best Version of the Original

It's probably a good idea to refresh your memory with the original Blade Runner before heading to the theater to watch the sequel, but which version should you watch? There are many different cuts out there, but the good news is that the version that's probably best suited to the task is dirt cheap right now.

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If you want to watch Blade Runner: The Final Cut right now before heading out to the theaters this weekend, you can download it for only $7 on Amazon. If you're willing to wait for the Blu-ray version, it can be had for only $10. But why is The Final Cut the best version to watch?


Blade Runner: The Final Cut represents Ridley Scott's original vision for the film. He had complete control over the development of this version, and it is the only cut that theaters are currently allowed to play. The theatrical version that moviegoers watched in '82 featured a voiceover and a "happy ending" cobbled together by the studio. In truth, you should watch both versions as they will provide you with a different perspective on Blade Runner, but if I had to pick a definitive version, The Final Cut would be it.