Bond 25 Reveals Behind the Scenes Set Video From Jamaica

For the past several weeks, the production of the upcoming 007 film, currently using the working [...]

For the past several weeks, the production of the upcoming 007 film, currently using the working title Bond 25, has been an absolute circus. Daniel Craig was injured and required minor surgery, there were reports of daily issues with the script, someone was arrested for putting a hidden camera in a restroom; it feels like there is another problem on the Bond 25 set just about every day. However, if you have only watched the set video released by the 007 franchise this week, you would have no idea that anything was wrong.

As if on cue Tuesday morning, less than a day after the news of the restroom camera arrest, an official video from the production was released on YouTube showing off the work that was done in Jamaica, the first location where the movie was being filmed. The production looks sleek and exciting, director Cary Fukunaga is engaged with the cast and crew, and Daniel Craig is all smiles. Everyone looks to be having the time of their lives, and the video makes it seem like this Bond movie could be outright fantastic.

And for all we know, that could very well be the case. Maybe the reports of trouble are all just taken out of context and there really aren't many issues at all. Rami Malek swears everything is fine, so it must be. Right?

There's a chance that's true, but with so many different rumblings at once, it's not likely.

This video seems like a face-saving maneuver to show fans that everything is okay, and that nothing is actually wrong with the latest installment of their favorite franchise. It's a great idea, but it might be a little too late. The problems surrounding Bond 25 are incredibly public, more so than with most films with serious issues. Hopefully, for Bond's sake, the video will remind people who cool the movie could potentially be, and everyone will be willing to overlook the set issues and focus on the movie itself.

If the final product looks anything like the video, there might be chance to turn things around after all. We'll just have to wait and see.

Bond 25 is currently set to arrive in theaters on April 8, 2020.