Bring It On Star Shares Idea For Sequel on Film's Anniversary

More than two decades after Bring It On arrived in theaters, one of the film's stars has an idea for a potential sequel. Yes, there were several Bring It On movies over the years, but none of them were direct sequels to the original and the duo of Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst didn't ever return. Now, 22 years after we were first introduced to Isis and Torrance, Union thinks it could be time to pick their story back up.

On the anniversary of Bring It On's release, Union took to Twitter to share her idea for a potential sequel. The actress said that her character "might have a teenager," alluding to the fact that there could be a legacy story to tell with her character. 

Speaking to's Chris Killian earlier this year, Union said that the original Bring It On cast has had some discussions about revisiting the story in the present day.

"We all have an interest in revisiting it," Union said. "During the pandemic, around the 20th anniversary of Bring it On, we all were, you know, together all the time doing these panels and talking about the movie and the making of the movie and all of our wild hijinks, but yea, then we got really serious about 'we should update this', you know, like bring it up to where are they now."

Union went on to joke about co-star Kirsten Dunst's critical success over the last few years, having been up for an Oscar for The Power of the Dog at the time of the interview.

"But now that Kirsten is up for an Oscar, I don't know," she added. "That twofer with her and the husband they may want to keep that train on the tracks, so I don't know if she wants to change gears that dramatically and come back to be Torrance again, but maybe. I don't know. Maybe she wants some dance moves after being out where they filmed [The Power of the Dog] but maybe she'll want some more dance and hip-hop in her life."

Would you like to see Union and Dunst return for a Bring It On sequel at some point? Let us know in the comments!