Daniel Radcliffe Attempts to Solve Silly Harry Potter Mystery

There are some questions that still manage to plague Harry Potter fans, no matter how many sequels, spinoffs, and controversial tweets from J.K. Rowling enter the fray. Even though the book and film franchise has been wrapped up for almost a decade, those questions still find their way into conversations -- and it looks like Daniel Radcliffe, who portrayed Harry Potter across all eight of the movies, is weighing in. Radcliffe was recently asked by HuffPost about one detail in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- how did Professor Quirrell (Ian Hart) manage to sleep at night while he had Lord Voldemort (Ralph Finnes) stuck in the back of the head. While Radcliffe was initially confused by the question, remarking that it came "out of nowhere", he eventually concocted a theory.

“I would say that the only practical thing to do there would be to sleep on your side, unless Voldemort doesn’t need air, which I’m not sure,” Radcliffe remarked. “As long as there’s breath coming into the body, he’s probably asleep on his front because it would still circulate around the whole thing. I’m guessing back-of-the-head Voldemort could survive off front-of-the-head Ian Hart’s air supply."

So, if you're among the fans who have thought about Quirrell and Voldemort's sleeping arrangements, you're not alone. The question was previously acknowledged in the fan-favorite production A Very Potter Musical, which also featured Quirrell and Voldemort sleeping on their sides.

While it's been quite some time since Radcliffe portrayed the Boy Who Lived, he's clearly still kept Harry in his heart -- even as some fans might no longer recognize him.

“I do have a thing sometimes where I meet kids now and their parents will bring them up to me and they'll be like 'this is Harry Potter' and the kids will be like 'no it's not’,” Radcliffe admitted in 2018.


"It is very strange but also genuinely lovely when somebody comes up and says 'you were a huge part of my childhood’,” Radcliffe continued. "For me, The Simpsons was a massive thing and the idea that I could occupy a similar place in someone else's life is so crazy and wonderful. I always say I'm incredibly lucky to have got famous with Harry Potter because it is a genuinely beloved thing."

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