Morena Baccarin Hasn’t Been Approached for Deadpool 3

Deadpool and Deadpool 2 co-star Morena Baccarin, who plays Wade Wilson's (Ryan Reynolds) fiancée [...]

Deadpool and Deadpool 2 co-star Morena Baccarin, who plays Wade Wilson's (Ryan Reynolds) fiancée Vanessa, says there have been "no conversations" on her end about Deadpool 3. Star and producer Reynolds first confirmed a threequel was in development at Marvel Studios in December 2019, months after parent company Disney acquired the Deadpool and X-Men properties as part of its $71.3 billion Fox purchase. Franchise scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese previously admitted bringing the red-suited mercenary into the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe made scripting the third movie a "little more complicated than when we were at Fox," but added they're "ready to go" when given the green light by Reynolds and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

"I have no idea," Baccarin told EW's Couch Surfing when asked if she has a bigger role in Deadpool 3. "Apparently, they're still writing it. I genuinely don't know. I have not been asked, or approached. There's been no conversations yet, so I'm waiting with bated breath."

Baccarin had substantially less screen time in Deadpool 2, where Wade fell into a dark depression after Vanessa was murdered by a vengeful drug lord (Thayr Harris). Wade would later prevent Vanessa's death with the use of a time-travel device stolen from Cable (Josh Brolin).

If Vanessa is included in Deadpool 3, Baccarin hopes the role is "as big as possible." Saying Reynolds "will always be the lead," she added, "I would love to be right by his side."

Shooting the Tim Miller-directed first movie was "one of the best times of my life," Baccarin said. "It was so fun to be on that set, and it was creative, and fulfilling, and enjoyable all around. [Reynolds] is the best person to work with, and so sweet, and so damn funny it hurts."

In 2018, Reese said the writers would consider evolving Vanessa into a super-powered character. In the Marvel Comics, Vanessa Carlysle is a shape-shifting mutant codenamed Copycat who joins X-Force, a team of militant mutants who are more lethal than their X-Men counterparts.

"We're leaving that option open," Reese told Entertainment Weekly, where he confirmed Vanessa is alive at the end of Deadpool 2. "We certainly haven't made any decisions along those lines. But we always thought that might be a fun twist for her at some point."

"The question is how to give her those powers without it feeling too coincidental. You have to iron out the logic if we go there," Reese added. "But why not? I think people would love to see Vanessa kicking ass."