Disney+ Confirms Encanto Streaming Debut Date

The newest movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios is already making its way to Disney+. The musical adventure Encanto just hit theaters the week of Thanksgiving and has been a solid box office performer for Disney. However, with a smaller theatrical window in place for the studio, Encanto will be available to stream just 30 days after its big screen debut.

Encanto will be made available to stream for all Disney+ subscribers on December 24th, aka Christmas Eve. The debut date was first announced last month as part of the full Disney+ December lineup. However, when Disney+ shared the video of its big December additions at the top of the month, Encanto footage wasn't included, leading some to wonder if the film would arrive later than initially indicated. On Monday, Disney cleared up any and all confusion, confirming the December 24th streaming premiere.

In addition to the Disney+ premiere, Disney also revealed the details for Encanto's home release. The film will be available to purchase on digitally on VOD platforms on December 24th, the same day it hits Disney+. Encanto will make its way to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD a little over a month later, on February 8th. Unlike some other Disney movies from throughout the year, Encanto will be free when it arrives on Disney+.

Encanto tells the story of a young Colombian woman named Mirabel, who is part of the magical Madrigal family. Everyone in her family is given a special "gift" when they're young, but Mirabel never received one, leading her to question her place in the Madrigal legacy. The film is directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, with Charise Castro Smith serving as co-director. Bush and Castro Smith wrote the screenplay. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda helped come up with the story for Encanto and wrote new music for the film.

Were you able to check out Encanto in theaters since its debut last month? Are you holding out for its Disney+ debut on Christmas Eve? Let us know in the comments!

You can check out Encanto in theaters now. The movie will be made available on Disney+ on December 24th.

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