'Harry Potter' Creator JK Rowling Teases a Big Name in New 'Fantastic Beasts' Trailer

The final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be dropping on Tuesday, and it sounds like it will include a very particular name-drop in the process.

Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts author J.K. Rowling recently spoke about the new trailer at a fan event, remarking that fans will "want to hear" a certain name at the trailer's end. You can check out a video of Rowling's comments below.

Since then, Potter fans have been speculating all day about what that name-drop could be, especially considering the era and canon that is already established around The Crimes of Grindelwald. Some have jumped to the conclusion that it could be Tom Riddle (a.k.a. Voldemort), which could make sense to some extent. After all, The Crimes of Grindelwald takes place in 1927 Paris and France, just a matter of months after Tom was canonically born in England.

Another possibility is that the name-drop could be a reference to Ariana Dumbledore, the young sister of Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law). In the Harry Potter lore, Ariana died in 1899, when she was struck by a curse in a duel between Albus and Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp). Even in death, Ariana has already had a presence in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, as many have theorized that she is also an Obscurial - a wizard repressing their magic - much like Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller) in the first film.

It doesn't seem impossible that Ariana could still have a presence in The Crimes of Grindelwald, whether in flashbacks and/or mentioned outright by Albus. Not only would this begin to explain Albus and Grindelwald's history to general audiences and tie together the Obscurial of it all, but it just might be enough of a name-drop to make fans excited.

But even then, there is quite a range of other possibilities in terms of what the name-drop could be, with fans suggesting everything from Nagini to Garrick Ollivander.

Either way, it sounds like fans can expect a unique story with The Crimes of Grindelwald, something that the cast and crew have already begun to tease.

"What's happened is Grindelwald's belief that purebloods should reign over all non-magical beings is a political thing," Eddie Redmayne, who returns as Newt Scamander, said in a previous interview. "He's rallying more and more people and it causes divisions across families. He's pretty hypnotic."

"When I read [the script] it had these cryptic elements to it and it played like a thriller that made it a page-turner," Redmayne explained.

What name do you think could be mentioned in the next Fantastic Beasts trailer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is set to hit theaters on November 16.