‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Star Kim Dickens Says ‘Deadwood’ Movie Coming

Outgoing Fear The Walking Dead star Kim Dickens offered a promising update on the proposed [...]

Outgoing Fear The Walking Dead star Kim Dickens offered a promising update on the proposed Deadwood movie: she tentatively said it's being prepped for a fall start.

Dickens was asked about her next project on live Walking Dead-centric after show Talking Dead, where she revealed the long-gestating movie is closer than ever to happening.

"Well, I'll tell you, next up, looks like all signs are go to do the Deadwood movie this fall," Dickens said to cheers from the audience. "I'm not giving an official release on this or anything, but yeah, they're locking us down."

The critically-acclaimed HBO series counted Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Molly Parker, Anna Gunn, and Dickens among its expansive cast, as well as Dickens' eventual Fear co-stars Dayton Callie (Jeremiah Otto) and Garret Dillahunt (John Dorie).

McShane said last April a "two-hour movie script has been delivered to HBO" from creator David Milch. That October, Dickens told ComicBook.com she heard talks of a fall 2018 shooting date, noting at the time the date was "not official."

This April, the long-in-the-works movie nabbed a $4.195 million California tax incentive, signaling an intention by HBO to produce the movie. News of the tax credit came just a handful of months after HBO president Casey Bloys confirmed a fall 2018 production start was being eyed for the long asked-for revival of the popular series.

"Assuming that we could get all the actors back together, I think this is something we would do possibly next fall, fall 2018 … I'm waiting for a rewrite, and we have to get the numbers right … assuming we can get everybody back together, I'm feeling optimistic about it," Bloys said.

As reported by Deadline, California Film Commission regulations say a film or TV series generally must start principal photography within 180 days of tax credit approval to receive it — which would put cameras rolling on Deadwood by the start of October.

Olyphant was less optimistic: he admitted he felt "there's no f—king way it will ever happen" on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live earlier this year (via EW).

"I know they're making an effort. They are making an effort, and I'm hopeful," Olyphant said.

But, he added, "I mean, I'm a huge fan of David Milch. The man means the world to me. It's one of the most amazing creative experiences I've ever been able to be apart of, and I'd love to be … you know when you do these things you really miss the people. It would just be a lovely excuse to get all those people back together."

"That being said, there's no f–king way it's ever going to happen," the actor added, promising "I will do my part" to get it made.

"It's too hard to get people together for a BBQ!" Olyphant said. "What are we talking about? I'm a cynic."

Dickens schedule has opened up following her exit from Fear The Walking Dead after 3.5 seasons, which came in Sunday's mid-season finale when her character, Madison Clark, was killed off after making a sacrificial play to save her family.

Asked by THR if returning to Joanie Stubbs comes as a comfort after the loss of Madison Clark, Dickens said, "Yeah, in a way, it is."

"It's another badass female in her own way. She's obviously much more challenged. But it's a fun little thing to look forward to, for sure. I look forward to the next things; I know I'm going to be busy. But that one? Yeah, I'm going to put the top hat on again and see my old gang. It's going to be great. ... I'll be kicking up my heels in the thoroughfare again. Who would have thought?" Dickens said.

"[Deadwood] was a momentous moment for so many of us in that cast. We'll never forget it. Garret Dillahunt and I still talk about it. It sort of changed our lives. It was one of those moments for so many of us, what the work itself did on a daily basis. It sort of changed you on the inside, working with David Milch on those stories. It'll be fun to revisit."

Fear The Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 12 on AMC.