Ryan Reynolds Enraged After Hugh Jackman Shares Image Of Himself Taking Over Free Guy Role

Ryan Reynolds debuted the new poster and trailer for his upcoming film Free Guy at CCXP in Brazil over the weekend. Reynolds' friend, Hugh Jackman, decided to give Reynolds a hand by sharing fan art that makes a quick edit to the Free Guy poster, replacing Reynolds' head with Jackman's. "A small edit to make this a much better promotional tool. Thank you @karthik_nj #repost," Jackman wrote. Reynolds responded to express his anger and confusion over the p[oster, writing simply, "What the sh+++?!?" in the comments under Jackman's post. You can take a look at Jackman's post from Instagram below.

Free Guy is an action-comedy that Reynolds as a bank teller who discovers he's a background NPC in an online video game that's about to go offline. He discussed the Shawn Levy-directed film further at CCXP.

"When we first got this script, I remember Shawn and I had been wanting to work together for years, and we found this script. And to us, it felt like we really wanted to bring sort of an updated version of Back to the Future for this generation, and it really felt like Back to the Future," Reynolds said during the convention. "It was imbued with all of that same sort of wish fulfillment, action-adventure, little elements of sci-fi and supernatural, so for us, it felt really timely.

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A small edit to make this a much better promotional tool. Thank you @karthik_nj #repost

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"I mean, it's not every day that you get to make a movie isn't based on a comic book, or based on a graphic novel, or based on anything," Reynolds said. "It was just an original idea that we got to take the ball and run with, and it was a dream come true. It's my favorite film that I've ever done in my life, and I hope I get to make three or four more."

The film also stars Stranger Things' Joe Keery as a coder who works on the game. "There aren't so many films these days that aren't based on something else, and when I read it originally, that's just so appealing, I think, to work on something that's new and something that's original and to have some real creative control, obviously," said Keery. "It was really just an honor to be a part of it and I'm so excited for all of you guys to see it. It's going to be such a blast, I can't wait."


Free Guy opens in theaters on July 3, 2020