Funko is About to Complete the Tom Hanks Beard Pop Figure Trilogy


Funko appears to be engaged in some sort of Tom Hanks Pop figure initiative designed to fill in gaps with his roles that involve facial hair. A little over a week ago they launched a Jimmy Dugan Pop figure from A League of Their Own with a substantial five o' clock shadow, and today it's Chuck Noland from Cast Away with his good buddy Wilson the volleyball.

You can pre-order the Chuck with Wilson Cast Away Pop figure right here with shipping slated for October. The A League of Their Own Jimmy Dugan Pop figure is available to pre-order here with shipping slated for September. Now here's where things get really interesting...

Funko is set to release a running Forrest Gump Pop figure with maximum beard for San Diego Comic-Con 2019. It will be a BoxLunch exclusive that you'll be able to get online right here - most likely around midnight EST on either July 17th / 18th or 18th /19th. Needless to say, you need to have all three of these figures so you can display them together in order of beard growth. It will be the centerpiece of your collection for sure. UPDATE: Funko's Tom Hanks love continued shortly after the debut of the Cast Away Pop with a collection of figures from the movie Big. You can pre-order those here with shipping slated for September / October. It includes a 6-inch Zoltar!


On that note, keep tabs on our Gear section when San Diego Comic-Con 2019 kicks off on July 18th. We'll tell you how to get all of the shared exclusive Funko Pops from the show.

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