Ghostbusters 3: The LEGO Movie Directors In Talks To Replace Ivan Reitman


Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street, are in talks to replace Ivan Reitman on Ghostbusters 3, according to Deadline's Nikki Finke. Finke tweeted, "Hot duo to direct #Ghostbusters3? My sources say Phil Lord & Chris Miller ('Lego Movie', '21 Jump St') in talks to replace Ivan Reitman." Ghostbusters 3 has been languishing in development hell for some time now. Might the presence of the Lord and Miller, a directing duo on a serious hot streak, finally get it back on track? Will they have time to rework the script before filming begins? There's a lot of questions here still, but a lot of potential as well. Ghostbusters 3 is aiming for a shooting date of early 2015.