Is Guardians of the Galaxy's Dancing Groot Coming In Time For Christmas?

One of the most common questions we've seen posed to James Gunn, Marvel and Disney over the last [...]

One of the most common questions we've seen posed to James Gunn, Marvel and Disney over the last few days is whether there are any plans to make a dancing Groot.

For those who have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, the question makes sense. For everyone else, know that there are spoilers ahead.

In the film, Groot apparently dies while protecting the rest of the team -- but Rocket places part of him in a pot (apparently as a kind of morbid burial), he's shown waking up in the closing minutes of the film.

Groot's regenerative powers are no surprise to anybody who reads the comics, or who saw the tracklist for the score ahead of time, but the way it's handled was a treat.

During the denouement at the very end, the small, potted Groot dances -- only to stop whenever he senses that Drax is looking his way.

You can see a bit of it below.

We already knew that Marvel is looking into the possibility, based on a tweet from Agent M, Ryan Penagos:

And we've heard slightly more specific rumblings.

One source indicates to us that there is already, indeed, a preferred vendor and that the product is something that has been on tongues at Marvel ever since they saw an early cut of the film. Nobody would tell us just how deep into development it is, but it seems likely an official announcement is coming...just maybe not immediately imminent.

Why wasn't such a seemingly-obvious item part of the initial toys and merchandising roll-out for the film...? 

Well, it is kind of a spoiler. Also, there's not a more collector-friendly blockbuster coming out between now and Christmas, after all (other than Ninja Turtles but those toys have already been out for months and the market is a bit saturated anyway since there's a never-ending supply of TMNT media). They can probably afford to launch a second wave closer to the holidays.

In any event, we hear that there's a plan -- well, more 12% of a plan -- to get a potted, singing Groot out to fans in time for the holidays.

Next Stop: Chia Groot?