Director Guillermo del Toro Forced to Flee Home Due to California Wildfire

The California wildfires are continuing to spread, already causing extreme devastation and claiming the lives of at least nine people. About 20,000 others have been evacuated from their homes, including many celebrities.

Yesterday, director Guillermo del Toro tweeted that he was was among those who evacuated, which puts his massive collection of fantasy and horror memorabilia at risk.

While it’s painful to think of so many treasures being lost, del Toro points out that saving lives is the most important thing in the middle of this ongoing tragedy.

Affectionately nicknamed Bleak House, del Toro’s “house of horrors” is home to a collection that would put your Funko shelf to shame.

According to a profile done by The New York Times in 2015, Bleak House is home to more than 700 pieces of original art. From concept sketches of classic Disney films to coffins to Alfred Hitchcock memorabilia, the house to riddled with both spooky and unique treasures alike.

Bleak House provides inspiration to del Toro, who says, “It’s everything I accumulated in my head as a young man, and it’s been coming out, slowly.”

The New York Times reported that del Toro spends half of his paychecks on the collection, which we can assume is a pretty penny. del Toro doesn’t actually live in the Bleak House, but rather a few doors down where is family doesn’t have to be subjected to the macabre surroundings.

del Toro isn’t the only person whose treasures are at risk. Lady Gaga, Alyssa Milano, Rainn Wilson, and Orlando Bloom are just some of the celebrities who have evacuated their homes.

It’s also been reported that Scott Derrickson, director of Doctor Strange, lost his home in the fire. The blaze has also claimed the historic western town that’s home to productions such as Westworld.


del Toro, who nearly swept the Oscars last year with his Best Picture-winning film, The Shape of Water, is currently urging his followers to donate to the LAFD, who are currently in need of hydration packs for their firefighters.

Guillermo del Toro currently has many projects in the works, including the upcoming Pinocchio film, which will be a darker take on the classic story.