Hocus Pocus: Sarah Jessica Parker Seemingly Confirms Return of Original Cast

Halloween might be in the rear-view mirror but some people are still having a great time with all the spooky goings-on. For Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s time to reflect on one of her most iconic roles in Hocus Pocus. Now, there have been murmurs about a sequel and the star actually confirmed the return of the original cast for the follow-up. A comment in a post about the movie on her Instagram was asking about how the production was progressing. To be fair, a lot of fans of the original have been wondering how this whole thing would shake out. Parker’s message bears hearing as she stresses patience when it comes to more Hocus Pocus. All of the original cast is locked in, and that was probably going to be the hardest part of pulling together a sequel. It’s coming at some point in the near future with Disney+ so close to launch and the need for content to fill that service. Now, the only question will be when.

“We have all said yes. Now we wait. X” Parker said in a comment on this IG post after a fan questioned, “any chance of a sequel?” Parker added that the original Hocus Pocus stars are now waiting for instructions on how to proceed.

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Halloween 2019 One for the books. X, SJ

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Bette Midler was probably be the hardest sell to get aboard a new Hocus Pocus. It’s been 25 years since the original film, and she’s ready to roll. The icon might have been slightly dismissive of Parker back then, but the actress was very grateful to learn from someone so accomplished. Parker talked about Midler’s comments on Watch What Happens Live. A caller asked the star about Midler's comments, which focused on the fact that the actress was so focused on her own performance. This was so serious that the legend was somewhat oblivious to what "the girls in the back" were doing in each scene.

Parker joked, "I was proud to be in her downwind. I'm thrilled."

Around the time of filming, Parker had already starred in such films as Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Honeymoon in Vegas. Midler had Beaches and The Rose under her belt. That’s not to mention all the countless musical achievements. Midler remains one of Hollywood's most accomplished and well-known icons.


In 25 years since Hocus Pocus’ release, fans’ attitudes have change more than the fame of its stars. The movie released in 1993 during the Summer months. Free Willy also opened that weekend for context. Jurassic Park debuted that Summer as well, and that fame became a box office sensation for months, which cast a long shadow over its competition. Also, having a Halloween movie open three months before the actual holiday might not have helped. That probably contributed to the disappointing critical and financial reception.

Thanks to home video and the nostalgia cycle, Hocus Pocus is considered a family-friendly Halloween-themed classic. It is a go-to traditional watch for many families every year now. Cable broadcasts of the film also increased each year, with Freeform airing it dozens of times each October. Now, with Hocus Pocus 2, people will be ready for another helping whenever it drops.