Macaulay Culkin Shares Hilarious Look at Updated Home Alone

Disney has revealed that it indeed has plans for a new era of the Home Alone movie franchise - just one of the properties that Disney now holds, thanks to the Disney-Fox merger. Needless to say that a lot of Home Alone fans are feeling trepidation about Disney messing with a classic like Home Alone, but there's one opinion that matters more than most: Macaulay Culkin's!

Culkin has now taken to social media to address the issue of Disney's new plans for a Home Alone "reimagined for a new generation," and clearly he's taking the announcement in good stride:

Culkin posted a photo of himself looking disheveled and/or inebriated. He's rocking a headband, a wife-beater that's way too short covered by a flannel top, with a laptop open on his lap (complete with a gross kitschy mouse), as the actor chows down on what look like Beef Stroganoff takeout. Culkin brings the joke together with the caption, "This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like."

This humorous riff on the premise of a Home Alone direct sequel featuring Culkin's Kevin McCallister is one that's been gaining increasing popularity with fans of the series. The actor made a big mainstream splash over the 2018 holiday season, when Google aired a promotional campaign for its Google Home smart speaker, which centered on the premise of (you guessed it) a modern day Home Alone. The humor in those commercials was found in the idea of an adult Kevin being able to handle all of the challenges he faced in Home Alone much easier with the Google Home system - which ironically may not be too far off from Disney's "re-imagined" take on Home Alone would actually be about.

The idea of a child left at home by his/herself has much different connotations in 2019 than it did in 1990 when the original Home Alone was released. Beyond the obvious hangup of how the premise even works in the age of digital communication and security systems, the presence of modern technology would vastly change how the kid keeps up the illusion of the house being occupied, or how a showdown with would-be crooks would take place. Cracking that nut will be hard for any writer - but hopefully the final idea isn't as sad as what Culkin jokingly suggests.


There are not yet any firm plans for Disney's Home Alone to go into production.