Hugh Jackman Could Not Wrap His Head Around Sweet Pumpkin Pie

Since his breakout role as Wolverine in 2000's X-Men, Hugh Jackman has become one of the most beloved actors of his generation. Jackman hails from Australia and, after nearly two decades of being a superstar, still has a hard time coping with American confectionaries.

When asked by MTV News what about aspects of American culture he still can't wrap his mind around, Jackman confessed, "Sweet pumpkin pie. Marshmallow on pumpkin pie. It's actually great, but I resisted it. I was like, 'Whoa. I only know pumpkin...'"

Another thing that surprised him was American portions, noting, "The amounts you get when you go to a restaurant, the food. Also the amount of disposable utensils. I'm one guy, I don't know what I'm gonna do with these 13 knives."

Jackman isn't the only Australian actor to become immensely famous with American audiences, with performers like Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie building passionate fan bases over the years. In addition to our desserts, Jackman is also surprised how welcoming America and its moviegoers are of people from other countries.

"I've really embraced the life, and I'll tell you what I've embraced more than anything, is the spirit, the generosity and the positivity," Jackman recalled. "I know, for sure, that if...I'm gonna say there's 30 Australian actors doing really well in America, at least 30. I doubt Australia would allow three American actors to come in with Australian accents and take the plum jobs. But not only is it allowed, you get a, 'You're great man, I love what you're doing,' and it constantly amazes me. I think it must come from a confidence. 'It's okay, we're an immigrant sort of...we're young, too. We're three or 400 years old. Everyone comes from somewhere, and that's okay.' New York, as you know, the heartbeat of New York is people who come from another place, whether it's another state or, you know."

The actor, who currently stars in the political drama The Frontrunner, detailed that it might be a history of kinship between America and Australia that has impacted how he has been accepted.


"You probably know this, you're American, there's that famous saying that when America sneezes, Australia catches a cold. We're linked, but linked not just as allies," Jackman detailed. "I don't know if you know this but Australia has been to every war since the second World War, we're the only country to go everywhere America has gone, everywhere we've been asked, there are American bases on Australian soil, and we are linked. I grew up on American television."

Fans can see Jackman in The Frontrunner, in theaters now. The actor may have retired from playing Wolverine, though he teased that we'll likely see the character again in the near future, yet he's moved on from the role completely.