Iris Trailer Released: A New Thriller From the Makers of the "Killgrave" Fan Film

(Photo: Watchworks Studios)

Earlier this week, Watchworks Studio -- the people behind that awesome Killgrave fan film from a few years back and the comics webseries Meanwhile..., released a trailer for their first feature film, Iris.

The film is a techno-thriller that centers on a piece of stolen technology, and stars (among others) Killgrave star and Meanwhile... host Nathan Faudree.

If you're in the Northeast and you're interested, you can reserve tickets to a special screening of the film in Syracuse this April.

That's a nice breather to take between the releases of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in March and Captain America: Civil War in May...!

You can check it out below.


Carson, a genius engineer, creates incredibly powerful technology only to have his thief ex-girlfriend Charlotte steal it and give it to the wrong people. Now, he must enlist her help to get it back. Turns out it's not that simple.

The film was funded two by a Kickstarter campaign.