Is Marvel Studios Releasing a Halloween Special This Year?

Marvel Studios now has two years' worth of television programming under its belt, moving into 2023 with a full slate of planned releases on Disney+.  In addition to the shows being released by the outfit, Kevin Feige and company have also released two Special Presentations, one-shot specials following Marvel characters on a smaller scale. In its first special, the company introduced the masses to the likes of Werewolf by Night (Gael Garcia Bernal), Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), and Man-Thing. That was then followed about by The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

With Hollywood shutting down over the holidays, many rumors gained traction online—including one suggesting more Halloween specials are in the pipeline from Marvel Studios. Since the idea is dominating chatter, we've got to ask the question: are more Marvel horror-laced Special Presentations in the works?

To date, no additional Special Presentations have been confirmed by Marvel Studios, nor have any been reported on from any trade publications. So far, only rumors have surfaced from the usual sources online, leaving official confirmations to be desired.

Should Marvel be moving forward with more Halloween specials, one might expect them to further explore the history of Man-Thing, given the character's popular introduction in Werewolf by Night. Another horror character in the Marvel stabl many are waiting to see debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Ghost Rider, who was once supposed to get his own series before it was unceremoniously cancelled due to Marvel Studios absorbing Marvel Television. With a Blade film reboot also on the horizon, a special could also help flesh out the vampiric world ahead of the feature, though it's now been delayed nearly a year from its original release date.

Whatever the case, no official Halloween specials have been announced by Marvel Studios, though that could change in the coming months. After all, Werewolf by Night managed to film in just a matter of weeks last spring.

How to watch Werewolf by Night

Since Werewolf by Night didn't receive a theatrical release, the "Special Presentation," as Marvel Studios calls it, was lumped in with the rest of the television shows the outfit produced for Disney+. As such, Werewolf by Night is available to watch exclusively on Disney+ and nowhere else.