James Gunn On If There Were Beta Ray Bill And Adam Warlock Easter Eggs In Guardians Of The Galaxy

While Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn confirmed that there were allusions to Adam Warlock in his summer blockbuster, he denied that Beta Ray Bill, one of Thor's odder incarnations in the Marvel Comics Universe, appeared in the film.

He said as much in a Collider interview in support of the film's home entertainment release, which starts rolling out this week.

"You have what's commonly known as Adam Warlock's cocoon, which is based on Adam Warlock's cocoon but which I really didn't intend to be Adam Warlock," the director admitted. "For all the people who think Adam Warlock escaped in the explosion, I'm not sure that's exactly what's going to happen." After a few more side comments, he said, "I don't think there's Beta Ray Bill in there, I'm sorry."

You can check out the video above, and a tweet below where he addresses the specific Beta Ray Bill theory the Internet had pointed him to.

Of course, with that adamant a denial, the next question might be, "...then, who is it?"


Guardians of the Galaxy is available on streaming video services tomorrow and on DVD and Blu-ray in December, and the last week or so has been a nonstop blitz of media appearances by Gunn, teaser footage from the disc being released and rumor control about the sequel.