'John Wick 3' Reveals Anjelica Huston's Character In New Photo

As the first looks for John Wick: Chapter 3 continue to roll in, we finally have a glimpse at one [...]

As the first looks for John Wick: Chapter 3 continue to roll in, we finally have a glimpse at one of the more mysterious new characters, played by the one and only Anjelica Huston.

This week, Empire Magazine revealed the first photo of Houston in the film, playing a character known as The Director, a member of The High Table. She will represent one of the different groups of assassins in the fim.

"We're trying to make it that there are different tribes, less nondescript assassins," star Keanu Reeves told Empire. "Anjelica Huston is playing this Roma Ruska character."

john wick 3 anjelica houston
(Photo: Empire)

The upcoming John Wick: Chapter 3 will likely take the story in even bigger, bolder directions. However, if you're thinking the train will stop here, that probably won't be the case. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Chad Stahelski said that he and Reeves could keep making sequels for years to come.

"I enjoy making these movies because there's no limit," says Stahelski. "We create our own mythology, and we have a studio that both stays out of our way and supports us on the wacky decisions. If people go see the movie, and it makes money, and they came back to us, Keanu and I have ideas for days. I could live here for the rest of my career. If people like it and want to watch more, I could think of way worse ways to spend your career. But, you know, we're in the entertainment business. We'll let the audience figure that out."

Not only to Reeves and Stahelski have more movies in the tank, but the latter is also working on the TV series, The Continental. The show will explore the organization that John Wick and the other assassins work for, and the hotel that acts as its central hub. Stahelski is an executive producer on the series, but it sounds as though is heart is still invested in the feature films.

John Wick: Chapter 3 takes place just after the events of the second film, as Reeves' titular character tries to escape the $14 million bounty that has been put on his head.

"The first part of the film is John Wick escaping New York and trying to line up the assets he'll need to find a way out of the problem he's in," Stahelski added.

John Wick: Chapter 3 hits theaters on May 17, 2019.