Jubilee Was Considered For X-Men: Days of Future Past


In addition to Cable

, it appears as though Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee was also considered as a prospective addition to the cast of Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past at one point in the film's development. Jubilee can be seen at Concept Art World, where two different takes on the character appear courtesy Costume Illustrator Phillip Boutte, Jr. Check her out above and below. Jubilee was created in 1989 by X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Chris Claremont and The Darkness and Witchblade creator Marc Silvestri. She later became a fan favorite, primarily as a result of her relationship with Wolverine (a father/daughter kind of relationship) at a time when his visibility couldn't have been higher. She previously appeared onscreen in a failed Generation X pilot in 1996, played by Heather McComb; she has also appeare in a number of animated series. Jubilee previously had cameo appearances in all three "original trilogy" X-Men films, portrayed by Katrina Florece in X-Men and by Kea Wong in X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand.