Jude Law Got Advice Direct From J.K. Rowling on Playing Dumbledore in 'Fantastic Beasts' Sequel

Who better to ask about playing Young Dumbledore than the creator of Harry Potter herself?

Jude Law, who is set to play the young version of the iconic wizard in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel, was asked about his heavily talked-about role at last night's Golden Globes. When Entertainment Tonight brought up the subject of getting into character, Law said there was one woman he turned to for help.

"Do you know what I did? I sat in a room for an afternoon with J.K. Rowling, and I listened to her extraordinary words of wisdom," Law said. "She was kind enough to share with me the whole backstory and her future hopes for this young character of Dumbledore and really that set me on the path. I just did what the writer said."

Taking on the role of Dumbledore, which became so beloved after seven books and eight feature films, could certainly be a daunting task. Law didn't want to take the character in a task that wasn't true to its source, and he knew that Rowling, who created Dumbledore, would have all the right answers.

Unfortunately, other than his influential conversation with Rowling, Law couldn't tell reporters a lot about his turn in the upcoming sequel.


"I can't say much," the actor continued to tell those who asked him about any details regarding Young Dumbledore's latest adventures.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is set to hit theaters November 16, 2018.