Julie Andrews Teases Princess Diaries 3

Before Anne Hathaway was a worldwide box office sensation she was delighting fans alongside Julie Andrews in 2001's The Princess Diaries, which became a big hit. Andrews and Hathaway reteamed for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, which was also successful, but since then the franchise has been dormant. For some time there have been rumors that Disney was interested in a third film, but nothing's come of those rumors. That's why when Andy Cohen had the chance to speak to Andrews on Watch What Happens Live recently he had to ask about a possible third film, and it honestly just comes down to time (via TooFab).

After hearing that Hathway said a script was in place for a third frilm Andrews said "The truth is I haven't heard but there's been talk about it for quite a while. I think she's had or is having a second child and she's busy and I've been busy. I think if it happens it would be lovely."

Andrews then gave a wink and a smile when she said: "And if it doesn't, I won't have known about it."

2001's original film brought in $165 million, while the sequel The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, brought in $134 million. That film only cost $40 million to make, so it was profitable, but in this day and age and the star power of the film's leading stars, it remains to be seen what a third film could make regarding its box office, as neither one made a ton overseas.

Disney's drawing power has changed in a big way since 2004 though, so if they can keep the budget low a third film could be quite profitable for the studio and delight fans of the franchise at the same time.


As Andrews said though, both are very busy. Andrews is currently filming episodes of Bridgerton, where she voices Lady Whistledown. As for Hathaway, she has a number of projects in various points in production, including Dark Waters, The Witches, The Last Thing He Wanted, Sesame Street, and The Lifeboat.

Despite the business of their slates, here's hoping the two can find some time to return to this world once more.