Jungle Cruise 2 Producer Says Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson Have "Brilliant Ideas" for Sequel

Disney's Jungle Cruise adaptation is getting a sequel, and the creative minds behind the franchise are working on it as we speak. Thanks to the star power of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Emily Blunt, as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean-style adventure promised in the trailers, Jungle Cruise quickly became a favorite for Disney fans this summer, and it came as no surprise when the House of Mouse ordered a follow-up feature. Both Johnson and Blunt will be back, with director Jaume Collet-Serra once again steering the ship, and producer Hiram Garcia says everything is moving along in the right direction.

Garcia spoke with Variety on red carpet for the premiere of Netflix's Red Notice, which he and Johnson's Seven Bucks also produced, and said that both Johnson and Blunt have been sharing some "brilliant" ideas for the Jungle Cruise sequel during this stage of development.

"We're in development on it right now, we're cracking the story on it," Garcia explained. "We like to keep Jauma very busy, so he's in post on Black Adam but he's dabbling a little bit in the Jungle Cruise stuff, we're currently pushing that along. And it's so much fun because DJ and Emily are so involved in it, and really have such brilliant ideas about how they want to see their characters go. So we're hard at work on it, we're working on the story. And believe me, all I can say is that it's a big priority for us and a big priority for Disney to get that out, so we're working on it and it's moving along."

There's currently no timetable for the production of Jungle Cruise 2, but Garcia makes it sound as though it won't be that long before things get started up. Seven Bucks has several projects starring Johnson on the slate, but if both the company and Disney see Jungle Cruise as a priority, it could easily leapfrog a couple of titles. It helps that the stars and core creative team are all returning from the first movie.

For now, we'll just be waiting on updates regarding the next Jungle Cruise movie, but it sounds like everything is moving along as it should.

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