Jurassic World 3 Star Sam Neill Prepares for Return to the Franchise

Jurassic World 3 looks to be getting the band back together and you can count Sam Neill in on the ride. He posted an image and message about the movie on Twitter and the cast is starting to take even more shape. Although fans have gotten all sorts of confirmations about the actors being added to the mix or returning, plot details for the third installment remain under wraps. Fallen Kingdom ended with both man and dinosaur having to share some space going forward. The island is for all intents and purposes off the grid as well after that explosive finale. But for director Colin Trevorrow, that development means the franchise is poised to do "something that we haven’t seen before."

"In terms of the third movie, the goal overall is to bring the entire saga together,” Bryce Dallas Howard previously told CinemaBlend. "It’ll be the sixth film at the end of the day. For me, what I’m most wanting, other than an undercut, is for there to be more characters from the earlier films."

Pratt has heard the pitch for Jurassic World 3, and he told MTV News, "I can’t believe we’re gonna make that movie. I can’t believe they found a way to deliver on the promise on the end of Fallen Kingdom. 'Wait, what? The island is blown up, the animals are out, we can’t put them back in the box. What are we gonna do? How is, not only the dinosaurs, but this technology, moving forward, going to affect the planet?' And we jump forward and it's like, 'Oh, oh right. Oh, damn.' Colin’s been working his butt off on it and it’s going to be pretty epic."


The series star also told Ellen that a lot of people were set to make an appearance in the movie. He said that “everybody” from the original film is returning. He even managed to invoke Avengers: Endgame in the comparison.

"This feels like (the end). It's got everybody," Pratt told Ellen. "It's got pretty much everybody in it, maybe I just blew it but I don't care. I know that like all the cast from the original Jurassic Park is coming back and so it's going to feel very much like how Endgame brought everything together at Marvel."