Justice League Star Ray Fisher Talks About Star Wars Audition Process

In the year 2014 actor Ray Fisher was up for two major properties. It was revealed he'd been eye'd [...]

In the year 2014 actor Ray Fisher was up for two major properties. It was revealed he'd been eye'd for the male lead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens along with John Boyega, which would be followed by the announcement that he'd take on the part of Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League and the DCEU as a whole. Despite what those reports said at the time, Fisher has now revealed that his time auditioning to join that galaxy far, far away wasn't actually much of an audition at all. In fact, Fisher says that the difference between his auditions for Star Wars and Justice League barely compare.

"Like I've said, I did not audition in any intense capacity for Star Wars," Fisher said on his Twitch channel. "In fact I wasn't even technically made aware what the stuff was that I was reading. I don't think it went further than me putting something on tape and having that be that. But with respect to Justice League we had an audition process, went an met with folks involved in production, we had a testing process and all that stuff. So I would say my experience Star Wars was probably the equivalent of like maybe first step, a baby step of what a process would be, and my experience with Justice League would be taking it all the way."

Though Boyega's time as Finn in the Star War series is seemingly over after the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, much more of Fisher's work as Cyborg will be seen in 2021 when Zack Snyder's Justice League is released on HBO Max. The movement to see the release of Snyder's cut of the movie was especially championed by Fisher, who never lost faith and celebrated with the fanbase after that announcement last month.

Fisher said, "I don't praise Chris Terrio and @ZackSnyder for simply putting me in Justice League. I praise them for EMPOWERING me (a black man with no film credits to his name) with a seat at the creative table and input on the framing of the Stones before there was even a script! #BORGLIFE"

Snyder followed up Fisher's comments on the film's release by saying he's the heart of his movie. Fisher himself alluded to this as well before telling TheNiceCast: "Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League, he's not a happy camper by any stretch, but I don't think anybody would be if you had just lost everything that you've known about yourself. Your body, you've lost your mother, you've lost your ability to play football, one of the defining things that you've established for yourself. You've lost a sense of yourself, and it's about finding that again, finding that humanity again."

Warner Bros. will release Zack Snyder's Justice League exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service in 2021.