Kevin Smith Reveals 'Jay And Silent Bob Reboot's New Mooby's

Production for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is in full swing and the movie’s director and star, Kevin Smith, is keeping fans posted on the filming process. Recently, the filmmaker released the second chapter of his Road To Reboot video series, which gives fans a little taste of a location staple: Mooby’s.

“Here we are at what’s going to be a Mooby’s. The first time we went to a Mooby’s was Dogma, second time we went to a Mooby’s was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, third time we went to a Mooby’s we stayed there with Clerks 2 the whole movie, and now we’re going back to a new Mooby’s,” Smith explained.

The now iconic, fictional fast food restaurant has become a beloved part of the Smith Cinematic Universe. In fact, the director even hopes that it can one day become a real place.

“I’m also always hoping that one day, one day, some like rich investor’s just like, ‘I would like to open a Mooby’s.’ Like, awe, could you imagine? He would have to be vegan, though. That’d be the irony. Big cow on the billboard and s*** and people are like, ‘Where are your burgers?’. I’m like ‘They’re beyond burgers, b****.’”

The video goes on to show some of a production meeting for the movie, which includes Smith excitedly cheering for each member of his crew.

Mooby’s isn’t the only Smith location you can expect to see in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Smith recently teased a look at Brodie’s Secret Stash, the store owned by Jason Lee’s Mallrats’ character. This location was first seen in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back when lots of Smith’s fan favorite characters returned for minor cameos. Lee came back as Brodie as well as Banky, his character from Chasing Amy. It’s unclear if Lee will be pulling double duty again, but considering he’s listed on IMDB as a cast member for the film, we expect to at least see the return of Brodie.

In addition to himself and Jason Mewes (Jay), Smith also recently revealed another important actor will be a part of the new movie: Brian O'Halloran. The actor starred in Smith’s first feature film, Clerks, back in 1994 and has continued to appear in many of his films.

According to the IMDB plot description, the new film follows Jay and Silent Bob as they “return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of 'Bluntman and Chronic' movie from getting made.”

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is expected to be released in the fall.



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