Kevin Smith Speaks Out on Clerks Being Added to Library of Congress' National Film Registry

Back in September, fans were campaigning to get Kevin Smith’s first feature film, Clerks, [...]

Back in September, fans were campaigning to get Kevin Smith's first feature film, Clerks, inducted into the Library of Congress' National Film Registry. A few months later, the hard work has officially paid off because the film is now "among the list of cinematic treasure chosen for the Library of Congress." Smith's 1994 classic will be joined by Purple Rain, Amadeus, She's Gotta Have It, Boys Don't Cry, and more. Smith took to Twitter this morning to celebrate the news and thank everyone who voted for Clerks to receive the high honor.

"The kid who made CLERKS would be stunned stupid if he knew his dopey l'il 'film' made it into A library, let alone the Library of Congress! And to be inducted with Purple Rain, Coal Miner and Spike makes me feel like my flick was no fluke. Thank to @UppieDownie and all who voted!," Smith wrote.

In addition to The Hollywood Reporter article, Smith also quote-tweeted a post from the Library of Congress.

"A hilarious, in-your-face, bawdy-yet-provocative look at two sardonic young slacker store clerks, 'Clerks' (1994), the debut from director @ThatKevinSmith (and Silent Bob in the film), was added today to the National Film Registry," the Library of Congress tweeted.

"I am overwhelmed! Thank you for acknowledging our little Jersey paean to working hard at not working at all. You took the only magic trick I've ever pulled off and legitimized it, placing Clerks into legendary company! SO glad I've always paid my taxes! (Thanks to all who voted!)," Smith replied.

You can read the full list of inductees here.

Clerks was the first introduction to Smith and Jason Mewes' iconic characters, Jay and Silent Bob, and they're still making waves 25 years later. Currently, the two men are on tour with the Reboot Roadshow, which is taking them across the country to screen their latest comedy, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.