Live-Action 'Kim Possible' Movie Reveals First Look at Christy Carlson Romano's Character

Kim Possible is returning to Disney Channel next month for the first time since in more than a [...]

Kim Possible is returning to Disney Channel next month for the first time since in more than a decade, and this time she's getting the live-action treatment. Sadie Sink is taking over the ever-popular role from Christy Carlson Romano, who voiced the character in the original series, but that doesn't mean the OG Kim Possible isn't going to be making an appearance.

Romano is set to play a character in the new film named Poppy Blu, a famous pop star and friend of Kim's who offers to give her a lift from time to time.

On Tuesday morning, People released the first official image of Romano in the live-action Kim Possible. Check it out below!

kim possible christy carlson romano
(Photo: Disney Channel/Jeff Weddell)

"I'm here to pick Kim up because Kim doesn't have a driver's license," Romano said of her character. "She doesn't have her driver's license, but she needs to get rides from the Marines or famous people, if you remember, to get to her missions. Kim is just like every teenager, but she happens to know some really important people, and Poppy Blu happens to be one of those important people."

Despite being away from the character for so long, Romano said that Kim Possible has never really left her side, even as an adult.

"I'll always feel very connected to Kim," she continued. "The fans have never gone away. Now, the new film, it's an opportunity for the fanship to grow."

"Out of respect to the directors and also to the process of a young actress, Sadie, learning about what her interpretation of Kim was, I chose not to be vocal about anything in particular with what I would think or would do or say," Romano added. "It wasn't my place to overstep and try to be a control freak. I wanted them to experience Kim for how they saw her."

If the Kim Possible movie turns out to be as big of a success as Disney is hoping, Romano is already excited about the possibility to playing Poppy Blu again in the future.

"I thought it was really fun that they asked me to be that cameo, but I kind of look at it as a character," she said. "When I approached Poppy Blu, I wasn't just playing it as Christy Romano, I really approached her as a character. I'm going to be very transparent in that I hope Poppy Blu comes back."

Kim Possible is set to premiere on Disney Channel on February 15th.