Ma Director Has an Idea for a Sequel

If you happened to be one of the lucky people that saw the Blumhouse horror movie Ma when it was released in theaters you were lucky to witness one of the most bizarre and insane studio movies in years. Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer leads the film in the title role, harassing, torturing, and murdering teenagers over the course of 90 minutes with wicked glee and outlandish antics all around. The $5 million brought in over $60 million worldwide, fitting the Blumhouse model of small budget, big return perfectly, but unlike other movies from that modern horror factory it hasn't spawned a series.....yet.

"I don't think we thought Ma was going to have this afterlife as this cult thing, and I think it's worth discussing [a sequel]," director Tate Taylor said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I know Octavia would do it, that's why I purposely left her death ambiguous! My idea is that she's moved to another town, and she has open houses in another city and kills people in the open house. I think she'd be a real estate agent in the Pacific Northwest, and just murder white people looking at McMansions. That's as far as I've gotten!"

If you recall, MA finds herself hugging a corpse as her home burns to the ground at the end of the film, leaving her death up in the air, but if Michael Myers can survive the same circumstances in 2018's Halloween and make it all the way to this year's Halloween Kills then we think Ma can survive too!

This does bring up the question of, well, how would Ma escape her hometown and make it elsewhere? Not only are there a ton of dead and mutilated kids left in her wake, but it seems likely that someone who took part in such crimes would have their face on every wanted poster in the country. Perhaps to blend in Ma would simply have to get a different, sillier haircut.


Ma's success at the box office upon release could be best described as pretty good. It may not have lit the weekend returns on fire but it's no doubt sitting in the green for Blumhouse. In the years since it was released though it has taken on a new life, becoming a bit of a meme across social media with Octavia Spencer herself even getting in on it on Instagram.