Mad Max: Fury Road Director Reveals Coma-Doof Warrior's Secret Origin

Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie full of eye-catching visuals, but somehow one minor character caught [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie full of eye-catching visuals, but somehow one minor character caught the audience's attention and imagination: the Coma-Doof Warrior, the masked figure playing a flame-throwing electric guitar atop of mobile tower of speakers. Mad Max director George Miller says he hopes the character will return in the next film in the post-apocalyptic series. "I would like to think he's still alive, somehow," Miller tells Deadline. "In fact, we've got a whole backstory on how he came to be in that position. I often think about it. The approach to the film was, you have to be able to explain everything. Not only all the characters, but every object, how it all found its way into this world and how it survived.

"In his case, he was blind from birth. When things started going a bit crazy, he and his mother were left in a mining town. The only way they could survive was to go into a place where there was a competitive advantage to being blind. And that was to go deep down into a mine shaft where they were able to survive. He took what was most precious to him, a musical instrument, probably a guitar. As they were careening through the wasteland, someone heard this music echoing out of that mine shaft, went down there and luckily they saw him as an asset. I think they killed his mother because she wasn't of any use. They took him and he eventually ended up as the equivalent of the drummer, the fife player or the bagpiper, in Immortan Joe's army."

Speaking of the next Mad Max movie, Miller assures fans it's on the top of his to-do list. "I'm not done with the Mad Max story and I think you have to be a multi-tasker and there's certainly another Mad Max coming down the pike after this," Miller said. "We're in preparation on that as well. It's an interesting question, the idea of multi-tasking. I discuss this with other filmmakers and I think what happens to me is that when you're working on one thing, and you get so distracted and focused on that one thing, it's like a creative holiday to focus on the other one for a bit. It helps you achieve that objectivity, to look at the thing afresh each time and say, I thought I was doing this, but it doesn't seem to be the case now."

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