Man of Steel 2: Status of Henry Cavill Sequel Reportedly Revealed Amid DC Studios Changes

The live-action DC landscape has evolved quite a lot in recent years, and there have been more and more projects that fans have wanted to see along the way. One pretty popular suggestion has been another Henry Cavill-led Superman movie, and the anticipation surrounding that only grew after Cavill reprised his role in the post-credits scene of Black Adam. Shortly after Black Adam hit theaters, Cavill took to social media to indicate that the tease was only just an inkling of what's to come, but conflicting rumors have only made fans uncertain if this rumored new Superman film will happen. A new report from Deadline hints at the reality of the situation, and where the film may or may not fit within James Gunn and Peter Safran's future DC Studios plans. 

According to their reporting, prior to Gunn and Safran taking on their roles as co-CEOs of DC Studios, Warner Bros. film executives Pamela Abdy and Michael De Luca had heard a sequel pitch from Man of Steel producer Charles Roven and a writer. De Luca and Abdy reportedly did not like the pitch, so they decided to wait for Safran and Gunn to figure out their larger plans for the universe. In theory, although a Man of Steel 2 was not greenlit in any capacity, it reportedly could still happen if the studio "hears a better pitch."

Will there be a Man of Steel 2?

According to reports from earlier this fall, DC Studios was "soliciting pitches from writers" on a new movie starring Cavill's Superman. This came after Cavill himself took to social media to confirm his return, shortly after cameoing in Black Adam

"The image you see on this post and what you saw in Black Adam are just a very small taste of things to come," Cavill said in the post. "There's a lot to be thankful for, and I'll get to that in time, but I wanted to thank you guys most of all. Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience. I promise it will be rewarded."

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The Flash will now be released in theaters on June 16, 2023.